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When Bishop Berkeley said "there was no matter"

And proved it-'twas no matter what he said:

They say his system 'tis in vain to batter,

Too subtle for the airiest human head

(Lord Byron. Don Juan, canto 11, stanzas 1)


Епископ Беркли говорил когда-то:

"Материя - пустой и праздный бред".

Его система столь замысловата,

Что спорить с ней у мудрых силы нет.

(Дж. Байрон. Дон Жуан. Песнь 11)

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Horney, Karen. Self-Analysis. N. Y.: Norton & Company inc., 1942.

How the individual can use psychoanalysis in dealing with his own problems.  

This is one of the founding texts in the self-analysis movement. It still has much practical advice to offer to today's audience.

Also you can download K. Horney's main work
Neurosis and Human Growth (1950) by clicking the tag "Karen Horney"

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